Oriental Rug Appraisals in Vermont

Never sell an oriental rug without getting an appraisal first. Vincent J Fernandez is the only Oriental Rug Retailers of America Certified Appraiser in Vermont. There are a number of rug details that only an expert can assess, which will determine whether your rug should go the dumpster, or to the museum. Its very difficult to the untrained eye to assess the value of a rug, so when in doubt, give Vincent a call. Whether you need to get a value of rugs in an estate or collection, or are looking for a insurance appraisal for your rug, we can help you out.

We offer FREE verbal appraisals, for customers that just want an idea of what their rug is worth. We can provide a written appraisal for $100 for the first rug, and $50 for each thereafter. Our appraisals include fair market price, realistic retail price, and insurance value.