About Vincent J Fernandez

  • Member Oriental Rug Retailers of America (ORRA)
  • Only ORRA Certified Appraisor in VT
  • Former ORRA National Board Member
  • 35+ years Oriental Rug Experience
  • Listed in Persian Carpet Guide’s Trusted Resource List

Vincent began his career by apprenticing for a Lebanese rug dealer in PA from the years of 1973 to 1976. During that time, he learned about the types of modern and antique rugs, as well as rug cleaning, repairs & restoration, appraisals, rug pads, and mothproofing. In 1976 he came back to VT and opened his own Oriental rug business and joined the Oriental Rug Retailers of America (ORRA). He became an ORRA certified appraisor in 1981, and served a year as a national board member of the ORRA. Vincent is widely respected by his peers as an expert in Oriental rugs, but prides himself on continually learning more about the trade. His business is currently located in his renovated 1800s Carriage Barn in Richmond, VT.